• STT49 encourage submissions of high quality and timely contributions from all scientific disciplines.
  • Registration and submissions must be performed via the online submission system.
  • Two types of contribution are accepted: abstract or full paper (will be published in a proceedings book). Both must be prepared in English (see examples and templates on the website). Contributors must decide between the two types of submission at the first submission. However, in the event that a contribution intended to be a full paper is incomplete or of insufficient quality, only the abstract may be accepted.
  • All submissions are subjected to peer review. Although the review results will be notified by e-mail, we strongly encourage participants to regularly log in to the system after the deadline for the announcement of interim decision (to be announced) to ensure prompt revision of the work (if any).
  • The formal acceptance of both abstracts and full papers will be announced at the same time.
  • No change of the paper type and content will be allowed after the acceptance.

All contributions must follow the guideline below:

  1. All contributions must be original and has not been submitted or published elsewhere in largely identical forms. Contributions that contain plagiarized contents are unacceptable and, if detected, will normally lead to rejection. The submitting author is responsible to inform all co-authors about the submission and its final results.
  2. The abstract should fit within 1 page (ca. 200 words). Only one figure or table is allowed at the end of the abstract. Full papers should be between 6-10 pages and may include one or more figures/tables as appropriate.
  3. All submissions must be prepared as Microsoft Word (doc/docx) and pdf using the templates which can be downloaded at STT49 website.
  4. Paragraph style: Single line spacing and fully justified, except for title, authors and affiliations and references which should be left-justified. Spacing before and after paragraphs should be set to 0 pt. No blank line should be inserted between paragraphs, sections or figures/tables. Indentation should be made manually by using Tab. Autoindent and autonumber features in Word should be disabled.
  5. All sections must be written in English only. The order of sections should be listed as follow:
    1. Title*
    2. Authors* and Affiliation*
    3. Abstract*
    4. Introduction
    5. Methodology
    6. Results and Discussion
    7. Conclusion
    8. Acknowledgements
    9. References

Full papers must include all sections, abstracts should include only the sections marked by *.

The abstract/full paper template can be downloaded from STT49 website at

Template abstract for STT49 Template fullpaper for STT49

The use of template is strongly encouraged. Papers that do not strictly follow the format will be rejected or returned for format correction before further processing.